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  1. We have had quite a bit going on over the last few months as many will have noted. In the reception area, two staff have left. Jan reached a time in her life where she felt it better to stop working (  a time many people wish would come sooner but finances and health dictate!). Jo, who was a more recent addition found she wanted to move away from Mandurah up to Perth to be closer to some of her family. Ezra is the new young man behind the desk. His confidence is growing and as he gets to know everyone we will see more smiles I am sure! Please give him some support in the learning process. As he is young  he is of course great with the computer stuff.

    From a doctor point of view we have lost  our longest serving member. Dr Raja has reached a point where the driving from home ( in Perth) is too frustrating. Having spoken to him since he misses his patients that he knows well and all the staff of Metceni. 

    We are lucky to have Dr Perera able to increase her hours to 4 days a week and she will be available to take on the care of  Dr Raja's patients. Your first appointment with another doctor after Dr Raja  may be a bit longer than you expect as the new doctor won't know you like Dr Raja. Each doctor has their own way of recording things and the new doctor may want to check that everything is recorded. 

    I am trying hard to get a good doctor to replace Raja ( although I know no doctor will be quite the same. ) Given the philosophy of the practice I am looking for doctors who are good listeners, easy to understand, willing to look at whole patient care and good at what they do. Like Raja was when he first came, they may originate from overseas and need a bit of time to adjust to the Australian system but  they may also have worked in Australia for a while. 

    My wish list is that they will be living in Mandurah so we can have a doctor able to stay long term. 

    Unfortunately, as in most areas of life these days, people like to change and move about at different stages of their career and home circumstances. 

    Our other big change is we have to get a new computer system. Currently we are making sure that all our patients information comes across correctly, and soon we will have to tackle learning something new. this will also give us a better method of sending our patients SMS messages and direct messages through a patient held Manage My Health app.  We may need a few weeks to adjust to the system before the app is arranged but we will give more information around the time. I can see a lot of advantages for patients and an easier way for doctors to send quick messages. It will also enable the ability to have email or skype style consults in select cases. These wouldn't be covered by medicare and would require a private fee but if you may be interested let our receptionists know and we may organise a survey to look at options. 

  2. The centro development still has a long way to go. One good thing is that they are planning to have the car park near us finished pre xmas. I am hoping that will also mean most of the road works on  Dower street will also be nearly finished. Apart from the fact that I won't have to walk as far around to get inside the  shopping centre, it will be nice to have easier access to the surgery. Whilst it has never really been blocked, I can imagine it would have looked difficult and may have put some people off. We usually have quite a few appointments which can be filled on the day although as you would expect this may not be with the longer running more well known doctors. At Metceni Health we are still trying to maintain discounts to our patients on HCCs either at the bulk bill level or a roughly 30% discount. We still have longer appointments as needed and time with the practice nurses as required. Due to rising costs and declining income the doctors may not be able to offer as much in the unpaid services to those patients who are bulk billed however there are no hard and fast rules and it will depend on the doctor and how their day has been going. 

    Help us to minimise waste by alerting us with sufficient time if you are unable to come to an appoinmtent, booking a long enough appointment time and respecting our staff and doctors. If you can afford to pay a higher amount please alert the doctor. With the way medicare is structured when the doctors bulk bill a patient who isn't on a hcc they are giving a 50% discount. Obviously this alters their income but also the income left to pay staff. Medicare rebates are not available for things which the government consider to be separate to your health care such as school,  travel, insurance or driving medicals (unless requested by the govt).Please check with reception as to whether you are eligible for a rebate and they may be able to advise before you see the doctor. 

    Hopefully we will settle in to a warmer spring soon. 

  3. Unfortunately for the owner of Cash Converters it was found to be ablaze this morning (21st September 2016). As we are in the same block as them - but luckily a reasonable distance away, we were advised to close this morning for safety. The firebrigade managed to bring it all under control and settle the smoke enough that we could open by the afternoon. If you are coming in the next few days we may have a new aroma but we will be settling this down quickly, we hope. No one was physically hurt but condolences to the owner of Cash Converters.