As most people will be aware the medicare rebate has been kept at one level for the last 5 years and prior to this it was only increased at 1/2 of the CPI. As we wish to remain a quality practice  we have had to consider some increased charges to some patients. The mandurah area is a very low socioeconomic area and as such generally 80% of our patients are bulk-billed. This means for these patients we accept a 35-45% reduction on our fee compared with the full fee. 

Payment for consultations is expected on the day. The listed fees are discounted by 10% or more for payment made immediately following the consultation.

Holders of HCC's and other pension cards for people under 65, may now be charged at the concession rate. 

(Children under 11 will be bulk billed during the week)

Those concession patients having  very significant financial difficulty or very frequent visits may be bulk billed by the doctor.  

If appointments are missed or reasonable notice not given, there may be a fee of $30, for a standard booking. There is no rebate available for this. Longer appointments may have a higher missed appointment fee. Fees listed are average practice fees. Individual doctors may charge differently.

Private Fees : the second fee represents if paid on the day with the last figure your rebate from the govt.

Level A  ( very brief consults of a few minutes)- $36/$30 - $16.95

Level B ( a standard appointment up to 20 mins)- $76/$70 - $37.05

Level C ( 20-40 mins)- $125/$115 - $71.70

Level D ( really long! )- $185/$170 - $105.55

Reduced fees for HCC not being bulk billed and paying on the day : the second figure is what you get back from the government. 

 Level A  ( very brief consults of a few minutes)- bulk billed

 Level B ( a standard appointment up to 20 mins)- $55 - $37.05

 Level C ( 20-40 mins)- $90 - $71.70

Level D ( really long! )- $130 - $105.55

Aged and  DVA pensioners and carers over 65, as well as children under 11 , will be bulk billed during the week.

 Saturday appointments will generally  be charged at the same rate as during the week.  Doctors may bulk bill or charge at their own discretion.

We have not increased our fees, however we have decreased the discount we can provide to HCC holders due to the inability for the medicare rebate to keep up with the daily costs and the government promise to prevent further increase in the rebate until 2018 as well as further cuts to General practice funding. 

Patients aged 11 and over will no longer be bulk billed.  This change also affects patients with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  Normal practice fees will apply ( or concessions if appropriate).

Overdue Accounts 

In order to maintain a high standard of service to our patients we may advise an inability to be given further appointments if overdue accounts are not dealt with. If we felt this was necessary, we would of course discuss this with you and attempt to come to an arrangement to prevent such action.