All doctors are "multiskilled" ! Some doctors have a greater interest in some areas . For example , Dr Sam Fazio also has an interest in chronic disease and enjoys skin checks and preventive health care. Dr Elveyna D' Couto is also interested in child health and preventive health care, and being a female doctor it means she handles alot of womens health issues- As does Dr Deepika Perera who is also interested in chronic disease care and preventive healthcare.  Dr Dan Lee manages  all general health issues. Our nursing staff assist with assessment , treatment and management and help to keep everyone on track. 

  1. Immunization

  2. Chronic disease management

  3. Palliative care

  4. Mental healthcare

  5. Skin checks and cryotherapy

  6. Minor surgery

  7. Men’s Health

  8. Women’s health

  9. Preventive health

  10. Aged care

  11. Acute care

  12. Occupational Health

  13. Pathology Test Collection (by Clinipath)

  We can assist you to register for My health record or you can do this at home. By having an online health record - a summary of your medications allergies and  current and past problems  - it may be of assistance when you need to attend an after hours doctor or emergency service. Currently if you have had recent hospital admissions this may be available and they are working on  you  being able to see your tests results within your record. Speak to our nurses if you would like assistance creating a record. For regular patients of Metceni this is an easier process than doing it yourself. 

With our new computer health system you will be able to register to have an app such that results that don't require discussion or that you have already discussed with your doctor can be seen via your Manage my health App. It will also show your list of current medication and diagnoses. It is only accessible if the doctor has registered you and you have password only access. Talk to your doctor when you are next in once we have the new system.