Links to Children's Health Sites

Children's Health Links

General site for a good range of information:  Children Youth and Women's Health Service South Australia


New Zealand Dermatological Society  ; Great for all things related to skin

All About Acne ; WA site with local dermatologist input


National Asthma Campaign ; Australian for all ages with great information books

Asthma Australia; All about asthma including with covid 19


Someone I know Is Hyperactive ; Great for kids to read. Children and Adults with ADHD ; US Extensive research papers and good fact sheets (under Support). Attention Deficit Disorder Association ; Primarily about adults with adhd

Autism Autism Victoria ; Australian and easy to read. Autism Society of America ; American site which covers related disorders and options re management.National Autistic Society ; British site with information for suffers and their families as well as professionals  Autism and Asperger's: Links to multiple Australian sites on these topics
Bedwetting Dept of Health WA- Bed wetting Good local links  Continence foundation - Bedwetting  Australian site which covers bladder problems in all ages.
Behaviour and Mood Problems Reach Out ; Site designed in particular for teenagers. Kids Help Line : Designed for both older and younger kids and linked to counselling services via phone and email. Headspace : National youth mental health organisation designed for both teenagers and parents to read. 
Bones and Joints Children's Orthopedic Information : American Orthopedic Surgeons society pages with a large variety of topics well explained for parents.  Arthritis in ChildrenAmerican Site with Information on the types of joint problems that can occur.  Australian Rheumatology association. Information on both childhood varieties of arthritis and adult types. 
Breast Feeding Australian Breastfeeding Association ; Practical information for overcoming difficulties as well as general information. Planning Breastfeeding and International Travel ; From the American CDC site where anything you want to know about infections and travel can be found.
Cerebral Palsy CP Support Network : The network is based in Australia and as well as information provides links to sites for obtaining equipment.
Childhood Cancers Kids' Cancer : The Sydney Children's Hospital site with advice on types, treatment options and a guide to survival rates.
Colic Colic and Your Babies Temperament ;An Easy to read site which helps to get through some of the tough times.
Dermatitis New Zealand Dermatological Society ; The site for all things skin. National Eczema ; A Comprehensive American site. DermIs ; German site with a good range of pictures of skin conditions.
Diabetes Diabetes Australia : As well as fact sheets they provide access to subsidised products and national guidelines. Changing your Life with Diabetes : A good commercial website but American based  blood sugar levels. Otherwise good tips for living life in control of the Diabetes
Epilepsy and Convulsions Epilepsy Australia : Broad general coverage Epilepsy Action Australia ; Parts of the site are specifically designed for kids  Febrile convulsions Fact Sheet
Genetic Disorders Centre for Genetics Education ;NSW Health site which explains who is at risk of illnesses and why in straightforward language. It makes genetics easy and advised if testing may be useful.
Growth and Nutrition

 Healthy Eating Club; This is a semi commercial website edited by a respected nutritionist with good fact sheets and many other options. Kids Health ; An American site which is structured for kids parents or teen access. Easy to read and become involved.  Growth and Development ; South Australian government site with vast articles on all stages.  

Infections School Exclusion : Healthdirect site with recommendations re time off for a large variety of illnesses.  Better Health Channel : This is the Victorian Govt health site which continues its good coverage. Canadian Paediatric society :  an excellent quick reference re common childhood infections. Kids Health for Parents : Another good Canadian site which also deals with common illnesses.
Learning Disorders The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation ; The WA site of this foundation. ADD and ADHD ;South Australian site which holds links to various sites of interest.