Corona Virus Measures

It is a Pandemic and we need to protect ouselves to avoid the health system being overwhelmed and uneccessary deaths occuring. Read on. 

Changes in our Services

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Metceni Health is committed to ensuring the risk to our patients and staff are kept to a minimum.  Some of our services have been modified at this time to enable  our doctors and nurses to continue to treat and advise our patients whilst improving safety for all.
What we are doing:
Many patients are being offered phone/video consultations where it is felt  safe to do so.  If The doctor is uncertain if you need a face to face consultation, you may be contacted first to discuss your needs. 
You will be given a rough time for your telehealth consultation and the receptionist will check your contact number. Doctors will be viewing your medical record and will be aware of your past history in the centre. Currently these services are charged direct to the  government . In the future there may be a private fee for patients that can afford it. 
If you are having a face to face consultations you need to enter via the nurses door (except saturdays)
 DO NOT ENTER if you are presenting with a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or cold and flu type symptoms OR have returned from an overseas trip OR had contact with someone diagnosed or suspected of having Coronavirus in the last 14 days before getting sick Please stay in your car and contact reception. 95862122
A Hand Washing station is located at the nurse entrance – you must use this on arrival before taking a seat to wait for your appointment.  On Saturdays you will be directed to wash your hands by the receptionist before taking a seat.  Temperature checks will also be taken at this time. 
We have become a minimalist practice with less chairs - to provide more space between patiens and removed items that are harder to clean. The doctors will be doing this in their rooms soon. 
To protect our receptionists and nurses as they care for you please remember to keep your distance and use standard precautions to minimise spread of disease. We also ask that you pay by card if you have a fee to pay.