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There is a Global Pandemic and we all have a part to play. Use the Safe WA app, get vaccinated and follow the Dept of Health guidelines. Get advice from your GP and avoid the risk of transmission. 

Telehealth Consultations.

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The government is now allowing a medicare payment for any consultations that can be safely provided to any medicare eligible Australians. These consultations are medicare rebateable at  present and will be bulkbilled for pension and healthcare card holders. Non medicare eligible patients may be charged directly. 
Examples of services are repeat scripts, ongoing referrals, discussion about mental health issues or ongoing symptoms. Review of pathology or imaging results. It is strongly advised that people with symptoms suggestive of a cold or flu remain at home and have a telehealth consult to assess risk. For severe respiratory symptoms, it is appropriate to contact the local hospital for advice on how to attend.  
Other services that can be provided include care plans and health assessments and these will involve our nurses as well. Where our receptionists are uncertain if you need a face to face appointment a time will be given for a telehealth appointment and you will be asked to come in if it is judged to be more appropriate.