Covid 19

There is a Global Pandemic and we all have a part to play. Use the Safe WA app, get vaccinated and follow the Dept of Health guidelines. Get advice from your GP and avoid the risk of transmission. 

Protecting Yourself

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What can you do to help stop the spread?
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for twenty seconds. Do this before and after eating, after going to the toilet and more often if you have contacts with others or outside of your home. If soap and water is not available you can use an alcohol based hand sanitiser (with atleast 60% alcohol), for 20 seconds. 


Cover your cough or  sneeze. Dispose of the tissue used and if no tissues available use the crook of your elbow then wash or sanitise hands. 

Cough-etiquetteAvoid contact with others, especially if unwell (stay more than 1.5 metres from people). Particularly if you are over 70 or have other significant illnesses - STAY AT HOME  
People can catch corona virus by touching contaminated surfaces or objects – and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. The virus is most commonly spread via the air in small (aerosol), or large (droplet) particles. Wearing a mask is the best way to prevent someone spreading the virus and helps to decrease the ability to catch the virus.