At Metceni Health we try and keep healthcare affordable. The Doctors can advise on what can and probably can't help you, thus decreasing unnecessary spending. For aged pension card holders and young children  (under 11), we will accept the government rebate for your care  on a monday to friday. You will be asked to pay at a discounted rate on Saturdays.  In order to keep our consultations longer and provide better care we currently need to charge fees on most occasions to other patients. 

Payment for consultations is expected on the day

If appointments are missed or reasonable notice not given, there may be a fee of $30, for a standard booking. There is no rebate available for this. Longer appointments may have a higher missed appointment fee. Fees listed are average practice fees. Individual doctors may charge differently.

Private Fees: Pay on day discount  applied with second figure your rebate from the govt.

  • Level A  ( very brief consults of a few minutes)- $35 - $17.90
  • Level B ( a standard appointment up to 20 mins)- $75 - $39.10 . 
  • Level C ( 20-40 mins)-$120 - $75.75
  • Level D ( really long! )- $180 - $111.50

The above fees may be discounted $15 to $40 for some appointments at your doctor's discretion for patients with financial difficulties not on healthcare cards as well as healthcare card and other pension card holders. Some procedures that are not eligible for a medicare rebate may attract an additional fee.

 Saturday appointments will generally be charged at $90 for a level B and  $55 for those on a HCC.  Doctors may bulk bill or charge at their own discretion.

Overdue Accounts    In order to maintain a high standard of service to our patients we may advise an inability to be given further appointments if overdue accounts are not dealt with.