Getting Older

Diabetes Diabetes Australia : As well as fact sheets they provide access to subsidised products and national guidelines. Changing your Life with Diabetes : A good commercial website with helpful hints for taking control. Unfortunately sugar levels are in American format Possible Complications: a section of the Better Health Channel website with its usual good quality information. Diabetes Foot Care : A commercial site with reasonable information.
Eyesight Lions Eye Institute : Local information about LASIK surgery, cataracts, retinopathy etc as well as the specialists who perform procedures. Eye Info : Royal National Institute for the Blind. UK site with a broad range of eye problems covered. Visability : Association for the Blind WA. Provides resources and information for those who are blind or visually impaired.
Hearing Lions Ear and Hearing Institute : Local information on the services offered as well as a broad range of information sheets.
Stroke National Stroke Foundation Looks at prevention and early warning signs as well as options once a stroke occurs.
Heart Disease and Pain Heart Foundation : Australian information on what to do in the event of chest pain, as well as other heart diseases. Heart Disease Fact File : The ABC  website section on Health Matters. Links to new stories on health in general.Angina and Chest Pain: An American site with information from basic heart structure through to damage.
Lung Cancer Cancer council of NSW : A good site for all the cancer information. Australian Lung Foundation : For general information re management and support. Lung Cancer Alliance : A very comprehensive American Site.
Bowel Cancer Cancer council of NSW . Australian Cancer Screening : Details on the government screning programme and other options. Colorectal Surgical society of Australasia : This covers  a range of bowel conditions as well as bowel cancer. Gut Foundation : A quick look at a variety of gut problems from top to bottom.
Skin Cancer Cancer council of NSW . NZ Dermatological society : Good information with pictures included. Australasian College of Dermatologists : A good site  with information about each cancer type and links within the site to other types.. Cancer Council of SA : Another Australian site with information that is easy to follow.