For general healthcare we carry on as normal with respect to any added restrictions. However, to keep staff and other patients well, we ask that all patients with respiratory symptoms such as coughs colds and runny noses, please arrange a telehealth consultation. If needed the doctor will advise you to come in and precautions will be arranged. 

Doctors prefer to keep patients well and able to maintain their health or atleast help slow or stop any ill-health getting worse. Educating patients in how to care for themselves is important. Often care such as immunisations, medications and lifestyle changes are advised and encouraged. People need to understand the facts, including the downsides,  behind suggested changes and thus make informed decisions. Quality of life is important  and only the person at the centre can decide how they want to improve their quality. 

The frequency of cervical smears may have decreased (collective sighs), but women still need to take better care of themselves. From sexual health to dealing with relationships including all forms of domestic violence,  the doctors can offer options and help. Heart health is a missed priority in women and is the second leading cause of death. Cancer prevention, detection and dealing with results can all be helped. Referrals will be required for  aspects of care and the GP's will advise on who to see. 

Yes, Men aren't always healthy and they don't always want to talk about it. Young men may need to get advice on sexual health, occupational injuries, lifestyle precautions as well as someone to talk to about "stuff". Older men may also need help to deal with heart problems, cancer prevention and relationship issues.  The list is endless and if the GP can't help, they will advise where to go next. 

Once problems are persistent it is still important to know how to  stop or slow progression. Often the use of other healthcare professions may be useful. Various government programs help in this regard and the GP can help you get access. Education, advice and probably  medications may be required. Up to date, accurate information and care will be provided. 

Nurses are able to give those all important immunisations and check growth and assist your doctors monitor your childs development. Kids can often get sick and whilst luckily most of these episodes are viral and will probably pass it is important to have a doctor who can catch the signs of those nasty times and get onto them quickly. Sometimes you just need help knowing they are okay or any ideas on how to improve their eating. All of the doctors have their own children as well as their work knowledge and understand there can be traumas in raising kids and life can get tiring. Doctors can help the raising of children to be a bit less tough. 

Mental health may be just about avoiding getting too stressed or it may be about dealing with a long term mental illness. Wellbeing is important and discussing problems, getting another prespectivem and making lifestyle changes may be all that is needed. Sometimes extra skills are required such as regular sessions with your doctor or appointments with clinical psychologists and counsellors. sometimes it is a combination of them all and using medication. Knowing how much, how long and how to come off are more of the things the doctors can advise you about. 

Being honest with yourself and your doctor is the beginning of helping yourself. The doctors can support you in making changes, help you work through withdrawals and connect you with other services that can help. the Doctors at Metceni Health will also endeavour not to give you drugs that they considre unneccessary in your care. 

Ah Yes, they do mostly have needles. Our nurses and the doctors can arrange and give any regular treatments you require as well as regular immunisations for disease prevention and iron infusions. There may also be other options or extra things you can do to manage many conditions. In the future, needles may be given in a pill to be swallowed and then injected in to the wall of the stomach! Another development is changing immunisation to a nose spray. Change continues. We have to wait though. 

Patients can arrange for the doctor to review their medication and their requirements as well as potential side effects. It can also be arranged for people taking multiple medications to be reviewed by a pharmacist for a more detailed opinion. There are also variations in how medication can be taking and aids to help remember to actually take them. Something that is often needed. 

As part of both women's and men's health, the above often needs to be discussed and planned. Whichever side you are interested in talk to the doctor and explore your options. 

Of course GP's do alot more than this and Metceni Health can help with work injuries, blocked ears, heart checks, lung checks, skin checks, vein checks and more. Just ask.